Head Lice Shampoo

Consumers everywhere need to be careful when deciding which head lice shampoo to use on their child’s head.  Because lice can be tricky to remove it is tempting to try and use the most powerful product that you can find, which is lice shampoo with pesticides.  Yes, the truth is –  head lice shampoo products that are sold over the counter are full of chemicals and pesticides.  Do you really want to put that on your child’s head?  I don’t think so.  Even with all of the harsh ingredients,  these over the counter products do not work that well.  Over the years these pesky parasitic bugs have built up immunity to these traditional treatments.  This has prompted experts to nickname these unstoppable bugs ‘super lice’.

Head lice shampoo made from natural ingredients is a much smarter solution to your lice problem. Products that utilize natural ingredients, rather than pesticides, are safer for you and for your children.  If the right combination of ingredients are used in the all natural head lice shampoo, it is also much more effective than the pesticides found at the pharmacy.

Life Organics uses natural oils and essential oils to get rid of lice safely and naturally.  These oils kill lice bugs quickly.  Life Organics also uses a unique enzyme treatment that actually loosens the glue that nits use to attach to the hair shaft.  This makes it much easier to comb the nits out of the hair.

A safer easier way to fight lice – Life Organics.

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Head Lice Lifecycle

Head lice are a huge nuisance.  They are easy to catch and difficult to get rid of.  Part of the problem with head lice is their extreme rate of reproduction.

On the head, an adult lice will live for about thirty days.  It can lay six to seven eggs, or nits, PER DAY for about three weeks.  These nits attach themselves to the hair near the base of the head. They are more prominent around the ears and the nape of the neck.  Nits are tiny and they are difficult to see.

Once the nits are born, it takes about ten days to mature into a full grown louse.  When mature, that  louse will lay eggs.  If the cycle continues, the number of lice on the head will grow very rapidly.

The three life stages of lice are nits, nymphs, and adult louse. In the nymph stage they are small and almost transparent. Adult louse are about the size of a sesame seed and brown to black in color.  Adult louse can maneuver around the head quickly and tend to hide from light making them difficult to find.

Lice do not jump or fly.  They are only spread through direct contact.  This includes head to head contact or contact with something that has recently been used on an infected head.  Sharing  items like brushes and combs or hats is a big no-no.  Head lice can also be spread from furnishings but they are only able to live off of the head for a few days.  Children are particularly prone to head lice because of close contact at daycares, schools, and sleepovers.

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How Do You Catch Lice?

Lice –  it’s a dirty word that no parent wants to hear.

Lice are small, wingless, parasites that survive on human blood.  We most often think of head lice, but there is also body lice that live on other parts of the body.  Anyone can get lice, but they are most commonly found in school aged children.  So how do we catch these dirty little bugs?

Lice can be caught by anyone who comes in contact with the lice or their eggs.  This contact can be head to head or body to body.  This is the main reason  lice spread soo quickly through a school or family.  Children who attend sleepovers are especially vulnerable.  Lice can be picked up on clothing  - such as coats hanging side by side.  If you share items with friends or family members – brushes, combs, towels, headphones and clothing – lice can be spread between them.

Some people catch lice through contaminated furniture or furnishings.  This usually happens with overstuffed furniture including sofas and pillows.  Lice may also be found on stuffed animals, comforters,  blankets, and throws.  Although lice can only live for one to two days without a host it is imperative to thoroughly vacuum and wash items that have come in contact with the infected person.

Once lice has been found treatment must begin immediately.

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Welcome To Instant Lice Blog

Hi and welcome!

We are here to provide you with answers to your commonly asked questions concerning lice, scabies, and bedbugs. It seems as though theses three ‘dirty’ words have made it into the news quite a bit lately. The talk of unstoppable super lice, scabies outbreaks in dorms, and bedbug infestations in hotels across America and abroad is enough to make our skin crawl! We thought we would compile everything we know about them into one easy to read blog.

All natural is another tag line we have been hearing a lot about  lately. It is becoming more and more important to consumers to be able to purchase products that are safe for their family. This is our mission – to provide your family with products that naturally and safely erradicate  lice, scabies, and bedbugs.

Why treat your family with the same insecticide or pesticide that your lawn man uses when there is a safe affordable alternative, Life Organics?

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