Lice Shampoo

Have you looked online at all the shampoos out there that combat lice? Just a quick search shows 566,000!

What should you look for when purchasing a lice shampoo? If you go with the traditional over the counter lice treatments, the shampoos will contain harmful pesticides that will kill the bugs but may take two or three applications…which means two or three applications of pesticides on the heads of your family members. And in order to work properly many of these shampoos must sit on the head for an extended period of time. Hmmm… pesticides on my child’s head for an extended period of time for up to two or three treatments. No thank you!

When my child had lice I looked for a lice shampoo that was safe for children and adults alike. The thought of pesticides on my child’s head was extremely stressful. As I was pregnant at the time and I did not want the pesticides on my skin either. So an all natural product was what I set my sights on.

You also want to purchase a product that is proven to work and works quickly. Lice is no fun and is quite miserable for the child or adult that has it.

Life Organics Lice Kit is all natural and has been proven to work, killing lice quickly and safely. Two things that set my mind at ease as I applied it to my child’s head.

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