Frequently Asked Questions About Scabies Part Two

What part of the body can scabies be found on? Scabies can be found in the armpits, elbows, wrists, and between the fingers. Scabies can also be found at the belt line, the male genitalia, and the belly button. In babies and young children it has also been seen on the scalp, the bottoms of the feet, and the palms of their hands.

Do I need to treat the furniture in my home if someone in my family has been diagnosed with scabies? Yes! You will want to vacuum all items that cannot be washed. These items include furniture, rugs and carpets, the car, etc. All linens – comforters, bed sheets, bath towels and clothing should be washed in the hottest washer and dried in the dryer on the hottest setting as well.

Is the prescription treatment for scabies safe? Because most treatments are a pesticide, young children, the elderly, people with compromised immune systems, and pregnant or nursing women may be more at risk when using traditional treatments.

I am worried about the pesticides and insecticides that are used to kill scabies. Is there a safe all natural scabies remedy? Yes and this is a great alternative to the pesticides that will be prescribed to you.

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