Commonly Asked Questions About Scabies – Part One

Is scabies contagious? Yes! if you or a family member has scabies, everyone needs to be treated. Make sure to wash ALL linens in hot water and dry in the dryer on the hottest setting.

Is scabies easy to diagnose? Scabies can start out looking like pimples or even mosquito bites. As the itching begins and continues to increase in intensity the sufferer will know that their rash is indeed something else. Generally just answering a few questions that the doctor has will lead to a proper diagnosis. Sometimes a scraping of the skin is looked at under a microscope to determine if the itching is in fact caused by scabies.

Is scabies a sexually transmitted disease? Although scabies can be transmitted through sexual contact, there are many other ways to contract it. Just because your teenage son has scabies, you cant assume he is sexually active.

Can my pet give me scabies? Can I give my pet scabies? No to both questions. You can’t give nor can you contract scabies from your pet.

Is scabies uncomfortable? Yes, scabies can be quite uncomfortable. Small wingless mites burrow under the skin creating an allergic reaction which causes the infected person to persistently itch. Sleep can be interrupted as the itching can be worse at night. Scratching only irritates the area and can lead to open wounds that can be secondarily infected.

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