Oh Bedbugs, Wherefore art thou?

Have you noticed that almost daily the news has a story about bedbugs and bedbug infestation? The talk is enough to make me involuntarily scratch places that don’t actually itch!

A recent poll at kgb.com names the top 15 most infested cities…sure hope mine did not make the list! Looking at the cities, I see a broad range of areas – the bedbug infestation reaches far and wide. Cities ranging from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Louisville, Kentucky to Denver, Colorado and Washington, D.C. – looks like no area is immune to the creepy crawly bugs. They do live longer in colder temperatures.

What are bedbugs and how do you know it you have them? Bedbugs are fast, small (about three sixteenths of an inch), wingless, nocturnal, reddish brown insects. They are flat until filled with blood, then they become engorged. On the body, the tell-tale signs of bedbugs are small, swollen welts on the arms, shoulders, and neck. The bitten site may itch for up to several days . Scratching can lead to infections. If you look around your mattress and box spring you may see small dark spots, the skin that has shed off the bedbug, eggs, and even dead bedbugs.

Bedbugs do not die easily – they can live for up to one year without eating. Bedbugs are not picky. Not only do they feast on human blood, they will also feast on any warm blooded animals, including pets. Poor Fido.

Excuse me while I go tear apart my bed…

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