Head Lice Shampoo

Consumers everywhere need to be careful when deciding which head lice shampoo to use on their child’s head.  Because lice can be tricky to remove it is tempting to try and use the most powerful product that you can find, which is lice shampoo with pesticides.  Yes, the truth is –  head lice shampoo products that are sold over the counter are full of chemicals and pesticides.  Do you really want to put that on your child’s head?  I don’t think so.  Even with all of the harsh ingredients,  these over the counter products do not work that well.  Over the years these pesky parasitic bugs have built up immunity to these traditional treatments.  This has prompted experts to nickname these unstoppable bugs ‘super lice’.

Head lice shampoo made from natural ingredients is a much smarter solution to your lice problem. Products that utilize natural ingredients, rather than pesticides, are safer for you and for your children.  If the right combination of ingredients are used in the all natural head lice shampoo, it is also much more effective than the pesticides found at the pharmacy.

Life Organics uses natural oils and essential oils to get rid of lice safely and naturally.  These oils kill lice bugs quickly.  Life Organics also uses a unique enzyme treatment that actually loosens the glue that nits use to attach to the hair shaft.  This makes it much easier to comb the nits out of the hair.

A safer easier way to fight lice – Life Organics.

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