School Nit Policies

Does your child’s school have a lice policy? If not, you may want to speak to your principal about instating one.

My child’s school has one. Every few months a reminder gets sent home in backpacks. We received one again yesterday…’A case of head lice has been reported’.

As you are aware, head lice is  highly communicable . The first signs are itching and irritation of the scalp. Lice are a light gray color and tend lay their eggs or nits around the nape of the neck and behind the ears.

The policy at our school states:

For children to return to school they must have been treated and have no crawling lice. Nits alone are not reason for exclusion if the child has been treated. If instances of head lice continue, a “no nit” policy may be needed on an individual basis.

The letter goes on to list the precautions that should be taken in the home if your child has nits or lice. These include washing clothing and bedding in hot water, soaking combs and brushes, and vacuuming mattresses.

There are some schools that have a “no nit” policy but it is definitely a subject of debate. Some children can end up missing weeks of school because an inadequate treatment is used.

Some schools require documentation that the infested child has been treated and will be checked by a school nurse before they are allowed back in the classroom.

Whatever your school policy may be, be sure you are using a product that is safe for the entire family and that you have an excellent nit comb.

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