School Nit Policies

Does your child’s school have a lice policy? If not, you may want to speak to your principal about instating one.

My child’s school has one. Every few months a reminder gets sent home in backpacks. We received one again yesterday…’A case of head lice has been reported’.

As you are aware, head lice is  highly communicable . The first signs are itching and irritation of the scalp. Lice are a light gray color and tend lay their eggs or nits around the nape of the neck and behind the ears.

The policy at our school states:

For children to return to school they must have been treated and have no crawling lice. Nits alone are not reason for exclusion if the child has been treated. If instances of head lice continue, a “no nit” policy may be needed on an individual basis.

The letter goes on to list the precautions that should be taken in the home if your child has nits or lice. These include washing clothing and bedding in hot water, soaking combs and brushes, and vacuuming mattresses.

There are some schools that have a “no nit” policy but it is definitely a subject of debate. Some children can end up missing weeks of school because an inadequate treatment is used.

Some schools require documentation that the infested child has been treated and will be checked by a school nurse before they are allowed back in the classroom.

Whatever your school policy may be, be sure you are using a product that is safe for the entire family and that you have an excellent nit comb.

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Lice Shampoo

Have you looked online at all the shampoos out there that combat lice? Just a quick search shows 566,000!

What should you look for when purchasing a lice shampoo? If you go with the traditional over the counter lice treatments, the shampoos will contain harmful pesticides that will kill the bugs but may take two or three applications…which means two or three applications of pesticides on the heads of your family members. And in order to work properly many of these shampoos must sit on the head for an extended period of time. Hmmm… pesticides on my child’s head for an extended period of time for up to two or three treatments. No thank you!

When my child had lice I looked for a lice shampoo that was safe for children and adults alike. The thought of pesticides on my child’s head was extremely stressful. As I was pregnant at the time and I did not want the pesticides on my skin either. So an all natural product was what I set my sights on.

You also want to purchase a product that is proven to work and works quickly. Lice is no fun and is quite miserable for the child or adult that has it.

Life Organics Lice Kit is all natural and has been proven to work, killing lice quickly and safely. Two things that set my mind at ease as I applied it to my child’s head.

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How does someone get scabies?

Scabies is not driven by your socio-economic status nor are personal hygiene habits a factor. It does not discriminate! Anyone, regardless of social class, age, race, gender, personal hygiene habits can be affected with this parasite that burrows under the skin to lay eggs.

Transmission of scabies can occur in crowded situations. Is your child in daycare? Does your mother in law live in a assisted living facility? These are two likely spots to catch scabies. All that is needed is close person to person contact with an infected person to contract scabies. I have been asked if one can catch scabies through shaking hands. The answer is yes. In a camp situation, children lounging on each others beds can lead to an outbreak if just one of the children is infected. Towels in a gym that have not been washed and dried properly may carry scabies.

If you have not been infected with scabies previously, it can take four to six weeks for symptoms to show up. Pimple like rash, unmanageable itching, and open sores caused by scratching are three symptoms of scabies. Common places for the rash to occur are the armpits, elbows and wrists, the area between the fingers, nipples, and male genitalia.

Be sure you are using an all natural safe treatment for scabies.

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Help! I Have Scabies…Now What?

If you are reading this, chances are you have become infected with scabies. Scabies are a parasitic wingless mite that burrows under the skin and lays eggs. Intense itching and burning ensues. The itching becomes more pronounced at night and after a warm shower.

There is not a blood test for scabies. Your doctor may have simply listened to your symptoms and examined the affected area. Some doctors perform a a skin scraping test – to most patients this is not painful. The scrapings are looked at under a microscope and if scabies are present, eggs and mites can be seen on the slide.

May traditional scabies treatments are not safe for children (a large percentage of people who contract scabies are children due to close contact in day cares), the elderly, and pregnant or breast feeding women. They often contain the chemical permethrin which is an insecticide that can cause numbing, burning, or tingling of the area it is applied to. The Environmental Protection Agency has labeled permethrin as a cancer causing agent or carcinogen because there has been instances of cancer in laboratory animals.

Which leads us to look into an all natural insecticide free scabies treatment that is safe to use on everyone – Life Organics.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scabies Part Two

What part of the body can scabies be found on? Scabies can be found in the armpits, elbows, wrists, and between the fingers. Scabies can also be found at the belt line, the male genitalia, and the belly button. In babies and young children it has also been seen on the scalp, the bottoms of the feet, and the palms of their hands.

Do I need to treat the furniture in my home if someone in my family has been diagnosed with scabies? Yes! You will want to vacuum all items that cannot be washed. These items include furniture, rugs and carpets, the car, etc. All linens – comforters, bed sheets, bath towels and clothing should be washed in the hottest washer and dried in the dryer on the hottest setting as well.

Is the prescription treatment for scabies safe? Because most treatments are a pesticide, young children, the elderly, people with compromised immune systems, and pregnant or nursing women may be more at risk when using traditional treatments.

I am worried about the pesticides and insecticides that are used to kill scabies. Is there a safe all natural scabies remedy? Yes and this is a great alternative to the pesticides that will be prescribed to you.

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Who Let The Dogs Out?

I have a lovely new neighbor (Hi Janey! If you are reading this!). I was telling her a little bit about our lice, scabies, and bedbugs business and she gave me some very interesting information – did you know there are bedbug sniffing dogs?

In the footsteps of Veruca Salt who says (when she wants a trained squirrel) “All I’ve got at home is one pony and two dogs and four cats and six bunny rabbits and two parakeets and three canaries and a green parrot and a turtle, and a silly old hamster!”…I WANT a bedbug sniffing dog!

Janey saw the dogs at an airport as she was traveling to some far off  exotic location, well er, Charlotte. I had to know more.

Reported to be one of the the most effective tools in detecting bedbugs, the bug sniffing dogs are in demand across the United States and not just at airports. These dogs have sniffed out bugs in private homes, movie theaters, offices, and hotels. The cost to use these dogs can range anywhere from $250 to $800 and up depending upon the size of the area they are searching.

The dogs are able to detect the pheromones that the bedbugs give off. I looked at a few pictures of these dogs in action and they point with both their nose and their paw when bedbugs are detected. Trainers then should search the spot and be able to show you signs of bedbug infestation.

Hmmm…maybe I can teach my old dog a new trick? Come ‘ere girl!

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Oh Bedbugs, Wherefore art thou?

Have you noticed that almost daily the news has a story about bedbugs and bedbug infestation? The talk is enough to make me involuntarily scratch places that don’t actually itch!

A recent poll at names the top 15 most infested cities…sure hope mine did not make the list! Looking at the cities, I see a broad range of areas – the bedbug infestation reaches far and wide. Cities ranging from Minneapolis, Minnesota and Louisville, Kentucky to Denver, Colorado and Washington, D.C. – looks like no area is immune to the creepy crawly bugs. They do live longer in colder temperatures.

What are bedbugs and how do you know it you have them? Bedbugs are fast, small (about three sixteenths of an inch), wingless, nocturnal, reddish brown insects. They are flat until filled with blood, then they become engorged. On the body, the tell-tale signs of bedbugs are small, swollen welts on the arms, shoulders, and neck. The bitten site may itch for up to several days . Scratching can lead to infections. If you look around your mattress and box spring you may see small dark spots, the skin that has shed off the bedbug, eggs, and even dead bedbugs.

Bedbugs do not die easily – they can live for up to one year without eating. Bedbugs are not picky. Not only do they feast on human blood, they will also feast on any warm blooded animals, including pets. Poor Fido.

Excuse me while I go tear apart my bed…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lice

*What are lice? Lice are small wingless parasitic insects that live off of tiny amounts of blood they consume by biting the host.

*What are the symptoms of lice? Usually the first symptom of infestation is itching or scratching in the area of the body where the lice feed. On the head, itching the nape of the neck or around the ears may indicate lice.

*Who can be infected by lice? How Does Lice Spread? Lice do not discriminate! Anyone at any age can become infected. Lice are easily transmitted from on person to another during direct contact. Using someone’s brush or comb or sharing a hat can transfer lice. Infestations are frequently found in school settings.

*What are nits? Sometimes head lice (the wingless parasitic insect) are erroneously called nits. Nits are actually the shells of the lice eggs after hatching.

*If one person in my family has lice, do I need to treat everyone? Perform a check on everyone and only treat those who have signs of lice.

*Can lice jump, hop, or fly from person to person? No. Head lice do not hop, jump, or fly. Head lice crawl.

*Can my dog or cat catch lice? Animals are not able to catch lice.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Scabies – Part One

Is scabies contagious? Yes! if you or a family member has scabies, everyone needs to be treated. Make sure to wash ALL linens in hot water and dry in the dryer on the hottest setting.

Is scabies easy to diagnose? Scabies can start out looking like pimples or even mosquito bites. As the itching begins and continues to increase in intensity the sufferer will know that their rash is indeed something else. Generally just answering a few questions that the doctor has will lead to a proper diagnosis. Sometimes a scraping of the skin is looked at under a microscope to determine if the itching is in fact caused by scabies.

Is scabies a sexually transmitted disease? Although scabies can be transmitted through sexual contact, there are many other ways to contract it. Just because your teenage son has scabies, you cant assume he is sexually active.

Can my pet give me scabies? Can I give my pet scabies? No to both questions. You can’t give nor can you contract scabies from your pet.

Is scabies uncomfortable? Yes, scabies can be quite uncomfortable. Small wingless mites burrow under the skin creating an allergic reaction which causes the infected person to persistently itch. Sleep can be interrupted as the itching can be worse at night. Scratching only irritates the area and can lead to open wounds that can be secondarily infected.

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Lice To Meet You!

This is a picture of a head lice.

I breathed a sigh of relief. The kids were finally back in school, I had my mornings free once again to clean, exercise, and catch up with friends.

My first stop was a new friend whose youngest child was still at home and whose middle child was at home earlier in the week ‘sick’. We sat in her beautiful backyard, sipped an iced coffee, and I listened as my horrified friend confided in me that her ‘sick’ child actually had lice. She had a hard time telling me because we are such new friends she explained.

She noticed when washing her sons hair that he had what looked to be sand sprinkled throughout, especially around the ears and the nape of the neck. . Upon closer inspection she realized this sand was attached to his hair and she said her heart sunk. After a quick search online, her suspicions were confirmed – LICE – and lots of it.

She pulled at out as many of the eggs as she could while her husband sped to the all night pharmacy to pick up an over the counter lice shampoo remedy. She explained that he called her from the store concerned. The ingredients in the treatment read like the exterminator’s bug spray and the possible side effects were alarming – diarrhea, vomiting, and seizures. NO way were the putting this on their child’s head.

A quick search online and an overnight shipment of all natural lice treatment put their minds at ease. The treatment has no harmful chemicals, is safe to use on both adults and children, and smells great. The ordered an entire kit which includes a lice enzyme treatment, an all natural lice shampoo that is left on the head for five minutes, and a degreaser shampoo that gently and safely washes away the natural oils, dead lice, and nits. Imagine my surprise when she said my company name…”The entire Life Organics kit was only $44.95″!

I revealed to her that this was my company along with another friend whom she had also just met! We laughed for a minute!

With school getting back into full swing, I also know that lice will also be in full swing.

Keeping kids safe with an all natural lice shampoo treatment should help ease parents minds.

It’s not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.

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